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Thread: How colored changed in CC3

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    Post How colored changed in CC3

    Hi to all,

    How the heck do you change or get rid of the ugly two-colored frame that CC3 places on your maps by default?

    I m still trying to grasp the basics of this program, so such simple things sometimes lose me.

    I tried doing a search in it's help file for "'Frame" and "Border" but neither gave me what I wanted.

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    One way to get rid of it is to hide the "Border" sheet. I am not on a computer with CC3 right now, so I can't take you through the process. How to hide sheets can be found in my tutorials however, check my signature.
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    Hide all sheets except MAP BORDER, choose erase, and then Select All.

    Or, do like me, start a new style, and erase all before starting.
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