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Thread: Mapzone - free texture editor

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    Playing a bit more with this today...I'm not sure how suitable it is to continental mapping thogh for the reasons that Nym gave...I'm hoping others will download it and prove me wrong, it just looks so wonderful to use, but it is geared more towards 3d modelling for games (small repeating textures) than vasty maps. One thing that is nice about it is that you can overlay tiling textures on top of each other..

    so you can start with a basic ground texture (save as image) and then the same ground texture with a forest on top (save image), then when you get into your raster editor you can get seamless gradations between the two.

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    I have not...just saw it now because of your threadomancy (thanks!) Downloading and will have a play. I do some 3D stuff so this will come in handy for that, if not also for mapmaking.

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