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Thread: So I'm digging through stuff about GIMP development

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    Post So I'm digging through stuff about GIMP development

    and find some interesting notes here :

    Still 8 bit color for 2.8 it sounds... as more of the GEGL stuff needs to be meshed into the base...

    but here's something interesting...

    Quote Originally Posted by David Gowers
    I believe we are planning to move to a new native image format for 3.0,
    which will address such problems as: metadata support being bolted on rather
    than a standard part of the file format, more sophisticated ICC support,
    support of higher bitdepths, support of different color models (LAB, YCbCr
    Sounds like 3 will have a better built native file, making for a more powerful system and hopefully a less resource intensive on really big stuff...

    They also seem to be in a hurry to push 2.8 out the door, but I find much about the differences between 2.8 and 2.6.x
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    The big deal for me is the expected brush improvements. Dynamic brush scaling and rotation, tied to tablet pressure/angle, etc. should make many things easier.

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