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    The only thing I would add is that the learning curve in CC3 is much less steep than it was in previous versions of the program, but it is still there nonetheless. If you do download the trial version, be sure to watch the tutorial videos by Joe Sweeney:
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark Oliva View Post
    My suggestion (because it's so easy to learn):

    Go to and download the free demo version of FM8. Then stay on the NBOS web site and click the menu option "Resources." Under "Items," go to page 5. Download the item near the bottom of the list "Fractal Mapper 8 Tutorial PDF - 18.38 MB." This is one of the easiest, fastest, best tutorials I've ever used. Work your way through it.

    When you're done, if you think a cartographic program is the right thing for you but FM8 doesn't fill your bill, go to and download the free trial version of Dundjinni. If that still isn't what you're seeking and you're up to a steep learning curve, go to and try the test version of CC3.

    If you still aren't satisfied, then you probably need the GIMP (free), (free) or Photoshop (very expensive).

    In all cases, however, you'll get off to the easiest start with FM8 and the FM8 tutorial.
    Thanks for the advice and for pointing me to a progression of software. As soon as I get my Wacom, I'll begin working on FM8 and it's tutorial. I would like to do something for the weekend.

    About 3d software I'm still not confident enough to try one. I was thinking use a program to create a landscape and then use that image to draw over. As I said I'm very bad drawing, so a little help would be nice

    Thanks to everyone for helping me and soon I'll post something in the WIP section!
    This is the link to my DA page. There's no maps yet, but some photos I would like to show to everyone. If you like one don't be shy and comment. Thank you!

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