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Thread: High quality land maps?

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    Quote Originally Posted by pyrandon View Post
    Just to chime into the old debate here: I must say (IMHO) CC actually has very little bang for your buck in comparison to either straight vector programs (Inkscape, Illustrator) or raster programs (Photoshop & Gimp).
    Like I said, not to start the "grand debate" here...
    The big value of CC (or DJ or any other commercial offering) tends to be in the art and graphics bundled with it. It makes it very simple for a beginner to create a consistent, "nice" looking map when there is a good consistent library.

    I have been involved with Dungeonforge/MapX community ( and while I love the tool, the hard work has been in finding good, consistent symbols. Thanks to Istarlome, there are now a number of excellent sets bundled over in the downloads there, many that can be used in almost any graphic program.

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    I think CC3 is a lot easier to use or learn, especially out of the box, than any other version of the program to date. I also think it "hides" a lot of the indepth stuff you can do with a CAD program very well for those who aren't interested with the included drawing tools. For example, in the past, you had to jump through all kinds of hoops to draw a land mass with an outline - draw it, copy it to another layer, change fill styles, change the color, multipoly. Now you just click on a draw tool and all that stuff is done for you automatically, and it even makes sure your land mass doesn't extend beyond the map borders.

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    Thanks for your replies!!

    I've opened up my Map Request here.


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