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Thread: Help me pick software!

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    For a programme just as powerful as GIMP, but far more intuitive and user-friendly, look at Paint.NET. I've used both GIMP and Paint.NET, and consider PDN far superior to GIMP.

    I've not seen anyone else use it on this site, though, strangely...
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    Post There are a couple...

    There are a couple of users of PDN, here. Look in the both this board and the General Discussions board on thread discussing PDN specifically. There might even be a PDN tutorial, though I am not sure.

    Still there's a stronger core of GIMP users here, and am not sure if PDN is capable of using scripts to automate various complex functions like GIMP, if not, you've got many capable user's like RobA that use script features extensively. That alone makes GIMP more powerful then PDN.

    Again PDN might let one use scripts as well - I don't know. I'm only a minor user of GIMP, relying on Xara Xtreme and hand-drawing/scanning for most of my work.

    Still there are a few PDN users here.

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    Honestly, in the situation you describe I'd find a cartographer you get along with and pay\entice them to do your mapping.

    Unless you want to do it, I'm not sure you'll have the results you want.

    Its perfectly possible to request a map with layers you can modify without harming the over all look of the map. You'd also be much more polite adapting the map of a cartographer you had a relationship with.

    I tend to think that maps and illustrations are a poor use of your writing time if they are not something you enjoy.


    No, I'm not applying. This is just honest advice.

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    I'm with Sigurd on this. If the mapmaking is not something that you particularly want to do, why not pencil out a rough sketch and upload it to the mapmaking request forum? There are those who will only charge a small fee, and others who will do it for free. Some may do it for free, pending publication on your novel... This way, you get a badass map and get to spend more time writing.

    I can't help but think that any reputable publisher would have their own resources for any art that accompanies their products. Of course, having never written a fantasy, or any other genre of novel, this is pure speculation on my part.


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    @ Sigurd and industrygothica,

    I think you are probably right on this. Like everything, it is harder then it looks! So it looks like I will be teaming up with an artist.

    As far as publishers having thir own artists and such, it is true. However, getting published through traditional means is a job in its own right! It often takes years, traveling to conferences, and a lot of time. For that reason I am looking into self publishing. I think in the end my writing is good enough- but I don't know if I want to go that route yet.

    For my first four novel set I am looking to self publish.
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