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Thread: CC3 -- Guidlines persist after making smooth line

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    Help CC3 -- Guidlines persist after making smooth line

    Hey folks,

    As stated in the subject, I am using Campaign Cartographer 3.

    This problem cropped up a little while ago and I have been unable to resolve it by research or my own experimentation; thus, I turn to the massed knowledge of this most excellent community!

    The problem:
    When I make a curved polygon or line (contours, rivers, etc.), the straight lines connecting the points I placed to create the smooth line persist after finishing the polygon/line (see the pic below).

    Funny thing is, when I noticed this started happening, the lines were not present on any of the smooth polygons/lines I placed before.

    Some more details about these 'mystery lines':
    > They are in the same layer as the smooth shape/line that they outline (e.g. a blur effect on a higher layer - or on the same layer, for that matter - will blur these lines)
    >They are always white in color, regardless of the object's color

    Your assistance (or sympathy) is much appreciated!

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    No pic. BUT, your issue is the FRAMES for the Polygons/paths is being displayed. To turn this off (as yours are currently ON) is to simply select from the TOOLS menu -> DRAWING AIDS -> TOGGLE FRAMES.

    This will shut those frames off. Alternatively simple press CTRL+f.

    Good Luck, and welcome to the Guild!
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    ....and there it is! Case closed! Thank you very much, NeonKnight. Your help is greatly appreciated.

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