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Thread: Animation software?

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    For 3d animation, Animation: Master is, I understand, quite intuitive and easy to use, but I restricted my earlier suggestions to 2d software.

    If you get into 3d, either with Blender or A:M or something else entirely, you'll have a somewhat bigger job, since you'll need more structure in the characters, you'll need to rig them, and you may need to do some work lighting and texturing. It's true that you get some things for free, and some people find 3d animation to be easier, but the set-up can take quite a bit longer.
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    I agree that 3D is more difficult but I was of the understanding that southpark is done on Maya and I believe a lot of 2D is similar. There are custom 2D packages for animation. I know that there is a company Cambridge Animation or something like that which specializes in high end 2D apps. You can also use 3D models and light them and then use a toon shader too which flattens the appearance. So you can do 3D, 3D looking 2D, 2D with a 3D program or 2D with a 2D program !

    I would try to use a proper 2D animation package but in absence I think a 3D animation tool done in 2D is better than a 2D non animation package. Having key frames and time sync and all those anim things generally would probably save more time than by using a 2D paint app type thing. Tho my old light wave has no 2D view I know Blender has a proper Ortho camera view. To be honest a long focal length perspective is not much different tho.

    Edit: Seems that these guys have bought CA...

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