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Thread: One Conlang for All Maps

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    I must say, I'm quite glad to know that I'm not the only one with this question. I've been conlanging for a year or so, now, and am working on a project right now. It's the farthest I've ever gotten on a project, and I've got a lexicon of just over 500 entries at the moment, which is impressive since I believe my previous max was somewhere around 100. I am now mapping the region in which it is spoken, and was considering making a world map, but was contemplating the same question.

    I'll admit that when I first read this post, I was afraid that the conlang would be a little lacking, perhaps not much more than a naming language, but, though I merely skimmed through the PDF, I was happily surprised with what I saw. In quickly skimming through the PDF, I would echo Seretur's comment about the alphabet, in that it would be quite difficult to work with. I also must agree with him in that it is typed up very professionally. It looks quite nice.
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