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Thread: Conlang community?

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    I found It looks good to me.
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    As a member of both of the following conlanging communities I thought it might be worth updating some information regarding links:

    The Zompist Bulletin Board (ZBB) was formerly found at the following address:

    Quote Originally Posted by Belgrave View Post
    It is now found here:

    Similary, the Conlang Bulletin Board was once to be found here:

    Quote Originally Posted by Jeff_Wilson63 View Post
    But is now found here: The CBB ? Index page

    The CBB still has fewer members and fewer total posts than the ZBB, so it does seem somewhat slower, but there is a definite difference in the feel of each board. I prefer the CBB for fairly quick questions and general conversation, and it does feel a bit more relaxed, while the ZBB feels much more like a place for more detailed questions and presentations with a much more topic-based general sub-forum

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