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Thread: How does one create his own generator.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dragonsnout View Post
    Thank you then, I am considering two possible ways to get my font, like you said by emailing it to somebody who can turn it into a font for me, or I could try it myself with Inkscape. (now what I did was I made a nice considerably big picture of each letter using a marker, and then I scanned each and put them into Gimp, then I played with the contrast to get a picture in a perfect black and white, then I added alpha to the white to get rid of it and now I have a .psd of each letter with alpha channel, I guess at this point I can import these into Inkscape and see what I could do with it.)
    Font design is horrifically time consuming. It must be the graphic designer's equivalent of doing a large city. There are some fee front making programmes out there (Font forge? I think is one), the pro ones are expensive. There are places on the internet which will 'make' the fontset for you. You print out a form which has boxes where you put your letters and symbols, scan it and send it to them and for a fee they will send you back a font. Not sure how good they are though. I tried making my own font a while back, but when I saw how much work was involved to do it properly (hinting - ie making sure the letters are properly anti-aliased at different scales / kerning etc) let alone drawing each letter and doing all the numbers and symbols. It was too much and I gave up. I think I got to 'm' in uppercase. Good luck though!

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    I'm working on a name generator in MS Excel. It simply combines syllables randomly from lists and presents the result (like Ar-go-dyn etc). It's not ready for release yet though...

    The generator makes up fantasy male and female names, village/town names, lovecraft demon-names, monster names etc
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    I had thought about that sort of syllable thingy but I don't know any programming stuff so I'll be waiting for your program. Oh, also what sort of dictionary are you using for your syllables? I was wondering if it might be a good idea to use some other things like German, Russian, French, Polynesian, etc to get some other oddball syllable combos.
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    lolz. I think I'll just stick to making names myself. Santer Glossin

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    Here's my Markovian random name generator:

    I've just made the source code available there in case you guys might find it useful.
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    Very cool and it works real well. What it needs is a set of fantasy names from books, historical, biblical and other sources as a guide for it for it to key on.

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