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Thread: quick/dirty city: Rhodec

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    Post quick/dirty city: Rhodec

    I had only 2 weeks to meld an unfinished worldbuilding project into a GURPS setting and begin game play. I used quick and dirty methods for the battle maps.
    here I do the same in the city design.

    I used an infinite plain in vue enable sea level adjusted till I found a coast line I liked. then mixed and mashed airial images of cities (google earth, nasa etc.)
    used layer masks and blending modes to place the features i liked onto the terrain.
    photoshop paths and layerstyles to create the city walls.

    quick and dirty city, with reasonable results. with more time the possibilities look pretty good.

    quick/dirty city: Rhodec-rohdec-districts.jpgquick/dirty city: Rhodec-rohdec-no-dist.jpg

    included standard map general locations etc, and a district division map(noble district, temple district, wharf district etc.)

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    For a quick and dirty, that's not bad 't all I'd love to see what you do with it if you decide to detail it more.

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    You weren't kidding about the dirty look, really reminds of those old world war 2 pictures taken from aircraft; bombs away. Very nice work

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    I realy like the "quick and dirty" style. Good work! The coastline and surrounding terrain looks very nice, and everything fits together realy good.
    I think that I will have to dust of some of my old (hopefully not all forgotten) photoshop skills and try something like this just for fun.

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