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Thread: City Improvements Needed

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    Thanks again for the feedback so far. Once again I am hoping for some CC before I move too far with the grid and legend.

    A little more progress... I have partially done a few things to see how it feels.

    I plan to replace all the (place holder)industry category columns with specific grid refs.
    I will also replace the frame which is a place holder.

    Is the border too stark? Is there a better way to label this? Where the heck is that grid generator I saw a few months ago? Or can I get away without grid lines.


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    The grid lines would help, but I don't think they are necessary.

    PS should be able to generate the grid for you (IIRC), or check in the Mapping Elements forum there should be some grid images you can add as a new layer in PS.
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    You should remove the beginning 'The' in the tavern section, too much IMO.

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    Looking superb.

    About the grid and neatline - I think if you're going to go for that and put a grid on top it might look too cluttered given the number of lines you're going to have to draw over the map for each grid reference. Might be better to make fewer grid squares on the map. Another thing I noticed, I downloaded the map and dropped a vertical line from the top neatline divisions to the bottom ones, but they didn't match so you may have to do your neatline again if you want a grid.

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