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Thread: City of Altara - Profantasy map

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    Default City of Altara - Profantasy map

    ello all,

    Its my first time posting here on the forum. This is my latest map that i've worked on that I feel comfortable sharing. Its the city of Altara and I used a profantasy annual to make it. Let me know if I need to improve, change anything to make it look better.


    HCity of Altara - Profantasy map-test3.jpg

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    It's hard to say what needs improving. It looks good, nothing jumps out as 'wrong' and I think you have done a wonderful job. Experiment with effects and sheets and stuff is about all I can offer at this time.
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    Looks OK. You could use the white space on the sides for some description or a legend. Maybe a parchment or some dirt to give it an old/used look.

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