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Thread: Mapping a mega-city hand-drawn

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gamerprinter View Post
    I had a good time...
    Sounds like you had a lot of honor and things to be proud of for one day ;-)
    It's awesome that you have those commissions coming up, I hope you'll be able
    to show some extracts here.

    Quote Originally Posted by Gamerprinter View Post
    Because canals consisted of long straight lines and 90 degree angles...
    Here in Thailand it was common to build such canals, too. In Chiang Mai (2nd biggest city 'The Rose of the North') you will
    find those arranged in several squares. Small bridges are leading over those canals and in cases of invasion it was easy to
    destroy these bridges to encapsulate certain parts of the city. (A few other cities here use the same system)

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    Thanks, Moe!

    Also forgot to mention, the city map I did for Paizo was supposed to be a preliminary map so that another cartographer could finish, but now its been decided that I should finish this map and get full credit for the map. It will be a full page in the adventure, as part of the gazetteer I was hired to create it for - as well as included in a map pack with a version of this map at 17" x 22" size - so I've got the full credits as the cartographer (and more pay). Wes also introduced me to their art director whose got ideas for other projects than just Paizo's Adventure Paths - so I really hit it big for Paizo, and being one of the largest RPG companies in the world, this kind of puts me at the top of my game, as a freelancer.

    I am very honored with the events of today!

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    Congrats, GP. I'm looking forward to seeing this city map when you're done with it. Always a big fan of the city map.

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    Wow, that's great news, GP. Well done and I look forward to seeing your stuff for them.
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    Congratz and continued good luck.
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