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    Post 'Blood Tide' Maps - Triple Ace Games

    Hey, folks, here are a set of maps I made for Triple Ace Game's adventure, 'Blood Tide'. They are all hand drawn, ink washes and line work, with both brush and crow quill pen and Speedball: Super Black India Ink. This was a largely unexplored technique for me. At least, in this kind of rendering. It was lots of fun.

    If any of you are interested in Savage Worlds material, or a sweet Anglo Saxon and Northern European fantasy setting, Hellfrost is awesome. Visit for any details about the materials.

    'Blood Tide' Maps - Triple Ace Games-map-.jpg
    The first map is a town map of Byhaven, where the majourity of the adventure takes place.

    'Blood Tide' Maps - Triple Ace Games-map-d-3d.jpg
    The second map is a 3d map of the ruined underwater temple where the demon shark, Carchoroth (I think that was his name), was to be summoned out of an ancient pit/well. This map was interesting. I was pressed for time and did not make the proper perspective grid. So, some of the buildings are not sitting on the same plane as the rest Oh,well. Live and learn. I should have taken the time to map it all out. I felt very unprofessional after this map.

    'Blood Tide' Maps - Triple Ace Games-map-d.jpg
    The third map is an aerial view of the ruined city's temple complex (as illustrated in the 3d map).

    I would have posted these in the 'Finished Maps' section, but these are not really my property and TAG would be ****ed if they saw their maps as clip art, somewhere I CAN, however, show them, and use them for my own promotional purposes. Those guys are pretty loose about that kind of thing. Well, enjoy!
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    Nicely done!
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    For a largely unexplored technique, they turned out really nice I think.

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