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Thread: Mistfell -- Village near Lighthouse *WIP*

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    Quote Originally Posted by delgondahntelius View Post
    You would think that is the way I would have it ... but the inn is on the right, the boatwright on the left. I was thinking of a place to park your barge while you go in and have a nip... but now that its pointed out, I guess you would have a place to put the boat while you get it fixed, eh? ....

    Thanks for the compliments on the drawing and the name... I've always had a knack for naming things...
    Actually come to think of it, I think your way is the right way. If one is going to work on a boat, one would probably want to take it out of the water. It is kind of hard to patch holes or scrap off parasites if the boat is still in the water. Perhaps there is a rope/winch system for pulling boats out of the water and into the building. I also like the idea of being able to tie one's boat and visit the Inn/Tavern.

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    I only boat after a few drinks... much more fun that way
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    Frankly, if only one of the establishments can have full waterside access, you have to give it to the most important one. The Inn. Fixing your boat comes a poor second to taking a refreshing sup.

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