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Thread: Go ahead, laugh.

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    The author of the brush is actually "istarlome". I got the name wrong, but that particular brush doesn't seem to be there anymore. I tried google too and Istarlo0me has done a lot of brushes but I couldn't seem to find that one again.

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    All this time later, and nobody has even TRIED to help me with my forests? Uncool.

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    You can use my tree photo from this post...

    Wooded Village

    The last one is a tileable texture. If you read through that thread then you can see that getting tree photos top down for use as textures is quite hard. You can get 3D tree making apps. One I know of is SpeedTree but I think its a commercial program. It has a demo tho that you can whoop up some trees with. If the work is for personal use then you could use these.

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    another route, if your willing to learn some new, free, software, is use the new terragen
    get the terragen software, the free xfrogs pack, and experiment. you can do orthographic renders of one tree to whole forests, depending on your computer, and up to 3 different tree types in the population with the free terragen preview. The are also more free tre objects, called tgo's in the planetside forums
    The planetside forums have alot of info on using the new terragen, and if you decide to try this route I could send you an example file for use in the app which will set up the objects and camera for you.

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