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Thread: Sinking City- wip

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    Default Sinking City- wip

    This map is the reason why I am a member of the Guild.
    A friend is planning to GM a game in a town he invented for some time now and he asked me to draw a map for him.
    On our first building-a-town-meeting we prepared the descriptions of some quarters, NPCs and most of all Factions to get a better feeling of the town.
    We then took our dice, assigned them important buildings and threw the dice on a big sheet of paper. Rolled number and color of the dice gave indications of size and ownership of the buildings.
    I scanned it and in my unknowingness I spend hours and hours mapping the topography in illustrator (I like to sketch loosely and I findd that very hard in illustrator). Inspiration came from GothhamCity (from the new earth one comic) but I guess the idea was used before.
    After beeing occupied by a light challenge I started to redraw the map in PS.
    Here is my current wip:
    Sinking City- wip-davidmap_ps.png

    The idea is, that something is twisting and warping the whole landscape. Some parts of the town are sinking (veery slowly) and streets became canals.
    Next update in a few hundred Houses.
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    A gorgeous start for this one.

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    Agreed! Love how you started this one.

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    I am interested to see how this one develops!

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