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Thread: WIP DCC city

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    Wip WIP DCC city

    WIP DCC city-citya1.png

    This is my first WIP. I have not named the city yet, its for a DCC campaign im running. This is the first artistic map i've ever attempted so we will see how it goes. Im not a natural artist so im relying on easy procedural ways of creating something that looks good.

    I started with a sketch map, which is still the bottom layer.

    I then drew a coastline

    I then added roads, coloured them a faint yellowey grey and embossed them to give it a faint black border.

    I then using the pen tool added buildings and the walls and docks on three separate paths.

    I created my back ground texture entirely with the plasma render, overlay (or various other layer property effects such as addition) and then messing around with the colour balance options. I've added a second faded plasma overlay to give it some discolouration and a faded white layer to lighten the background a little. All this might change.

    I need to decide how to input my important buildings. Im considering either doing them with the pen/path, or doing them as separate more detailed images then dropping them in and rotating them. Not sure which will work best.

    I also need to put some depth lines around the coast, like ye olde maps have, and need to draw in some contours

    any comments or advise is welcome.

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