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Thread: Unmarked Rural Town Map

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    Map Unmarked Rural Town Map

    Hey everyone, here's my first map that I made entirely in photoshop (i.e not in maptools, by hand and then by photoshop, or anything else). Indeed this map took me a while and I had to improvise with the trees and hills but if you've been around a while then you can probably tell that I borrowed a technique for shoreline mapping as well as the building shapes (brushes but I can't remember where they are from sadly). Anyways, I hope you guys like this. It's supposed to just be monochromatic so please don't bother bringing up that there is no color, because that's sort of the whole point lol. I also left it unmarked so that people could adapt it to their needs in maptools, meaning the DM can decide for his/her self what they want to be in the town. At any rate, I hope you guys enjoy this!

    The filename is "Gale Map" because that's what I wanted to call the town, but feel free to use it and name it whatever you want.
    Unmarked Rural Town Map-ftcebm8.jpg

    Oh and if you decide to use this, please post what you used it for here in this thread and whether or not it was satisfactory or not . Any and all feedback is appreciated.
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