This is a rough sketch of the fortress city of Vershina in my fantasy world Yerth.

It holds a vital spot in a gap in a mountain range. This fortress city guards the Border Kingdoms region from the regular winter assaults and raids of frost giants, barbarians, ice dragons, ettins, ogres and the other horrors of the Frozen North.

The city was build on the ruins of an ancient fortress of unknown origin. They later discovered the star fort layout of the walls was highly effective when considering the defending the wizards and siege weapons field of fire.

Vershina, Bastion of the North-vershina.jpg

Ink and pencil on paper.
Next version will be more ink on paper.
Input welcome. Lemme have it - my feelings won't be hurt

I'm looking for advice on distinguishing elevation and slope of walls. Most star fort maps I see tend to be illustration types or technical maps which differentiate construction materials. I want to make something authentic-looking that also provides accurate information for gaming.