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Thread: Town of Bluestone - WIP

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    Quote Originally Posted by STEEL General
    The grass pattern seems to be very "tiled", you might want to try and do something with that. But this is coming along nicely.
    It does. Even though my symbols are the CD3 A Style, I liked the darkness and color of the B style background. I'll look into changing the background style.

    I'm still working on the map but I got a little work done today. I added 3' hedge around the small fields on the left by those three houses. I also filled in the right section with some road and houses. Those little dots (7 dots in the diamond to be exact) that you see scattered about are wells (+1 by the temple and another along the main road by that patch of grey). Though you can't really see them at the normal zoom. Most (if not all) of the buildings in that diamond shape area are homes.

    It is almost done. I want to add some fields and grazzing areas. Then some trees, a grid, text info and some effects (maybe some more buildings, but that is doubtful) and It'll be done.
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