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Thread: The lost city of Scylese

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    Oh, that's right, sorry. I was referring to off color variations like yellow green, browny green, etc. If you can't see those then I'd call it done. Cheers mate.
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    I wish I COULD see the variations, though

    I need a colour palette that yells to me what the colours are....
    Going to post the final result in the Finished Map section. I'm very pleased with the map, actually - all I need to do now is start working on the actual adventure awaiting my ever optimistic players

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elvish Presley View Post
    Here is the pattern if you'd like to toy around with it
    I most certainly do!

    Everything else looks great. My personal favorites are the blue fish and the bats.
    Although I have to admit that those T-shaped houses trigger my Tetris-reflex
    But that`s just me.
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    Love the fish, birds and that huge crocodile/creature!

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