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Thread: Dark Sun - Village of Vavrek

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    Post Dark Sun - Village of Vavrek

    I've been tasked to do another village for the E-suppliment, "Villages of the Wastes." It's already been released for 2nd ed D&D but there is a group revising it up to 3.5 ed. That's what these maps are for.

    The next on the list is Vavrek. Its supposed to be set in one of the verdant areas between a vast salt flat and a mountain range. Rather than going with a traditional green/verdant area, I thought perhaps a savannah would fit better with the setting.

    This is what I have thus far in regards to capturing that look. I still plan on adding a stream and topography, but any critiques on this first step are always welcome.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Dark Sun - Village of Vavrek-vavrek_526.png  

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    This is EARLY!!! hehehe...I love the texture progress though...great color choice. thats all I have to say abotu that hehehe.
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    As one of the leader of the Villages of the Waste project (which we work when we get the time), we still need your artwork! Proceed on this new one please!

    Btw, if any other person wishes to show his talent, I would be most pleased!

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    Is this all there is to Vavrek? I suppose that it got raided and destroyed again...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Calion View Post
    Is this all there is to Vavrek? I suppose that it got raided and destroyed again...
    Again the thread is 4 years old and has only a few posts, it was either abandoned or they started a new thread.
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