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Thread: Imperial City of Karnagh

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jaxilon View Post
    This is really nice man. I like the one on the left as well except I think I would prefer the water to have a blue tone. It looks pretty green to me but there are places that have green water so...
    That is my opinion as well.

    Damn this is a nice piece of work. Makes me want to try my own uber-city. I feel like if someone can inspire me to try and imitate them, I can't give 'em any higher compliment than that.

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    These maps are absolutely fantastic!

    I, too, prefer the one of the left, but I like the water from the right map. Perhaps you could take the blue water from the right and use it on the map on the left?

    Regardless, I LOVE the style. Brilliant.

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    I like both styles nice work, nice layout as well , like the dominating Palace feature , it seems that the city would not be an over crowded one either plenty of room to roam around.

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