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Thread: Galbrin - City of my Novel

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    You got yourself a nice looking city there, Larb. Makes me want to try something like this.
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    The roof shading is probably the most time-consuming part as I have to do it all by hand with the tablet pen, but I really like the result and I'm glad other people do too. And I do intend to put in street names! Also numbers for a key, though the key will be in a seperate document.

    Anyway, I altered the palette slightly to give the ground a more natural tone. The ground between to the two brooks at the north is supposed to be a rising hill (the aqueduct comes out of the hillside) but I'm not sure how to represent that, so it looks as flat as everything else even though it's not. So that's something I could add. Also the water break thing I'm not sure is in the right place really. But I was thinking it was caused by a previous structure or bridge built long ago.

    Anyway, besides that and a few tweaks, this is the map part mostly done. Now it's on to a nice title and border and things!

    Oh, I forgot to add, the CC city designer style was of some inspiration for this style, along with some d&d maps like the 3e greyhawk map and stuff.
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    Looking mighty fine !

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    This looks great, a really nice map.

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