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Thread: Satellite Style Photoshop Terrain - Part 1

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    I don't have smart layers either so I just did a merge all visible (ctrl-shift-alt-e). I'm pretty sure that this isn't even close but it's good enough for me cuz I can do other things already.
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    Quote Originally Posted by simpfan1 View Post
    I cant seem to get smart layers to work
    Darn this really old bootleg photoshop
    Haha yeah rather than convert to smart layers you could just merge those layers. Smart Layers is just a non-destructive way of collapsing...

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    Hi Kalvin,

    This is really great! Not sure if you'll still be able to see this, but one thing that doesn't seem to work for me is the lighting effects - the lighting via channel works fine, but after setting the layer to 'overlay', the result is very different looking to your example - mainly that it's quite dark. The lighter portions look correct, as do the darker shadows, but there's no gap in between, as in it's either very dark or very light, where yours looks quite realistic. Wondering if there's a step in there that's been missed out?

    Actually what I'm trying to set up is a kind of animated version of this effect using an action in photoshop - I've rendered the 'height map' part as a jpg sequence out of After Effects, which ripples around - there's a few 'unactionable' commands which are proving to be a bit of a snag at the moment, but I'm trying to work these out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kalvinlyle View Post

    I've updated the tutorial and posted it here

    I've added:
    1. Editable Land Masses
    2. Continental Shelves

    When I have more time I'll convert it to a PDF and update the first post. The limitation of 10,000 characters and the exclusion of HTML in posts makes it a bit difficult to maintain tutorials here. Anyone have any suggstions?
    I tried going to the link, but it did not show up. But so far I really like the tut.

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    The links to your other tuts (editing continents, sea shelf) are broken Otherwise, thanks for the great guide!

    I'm trying to do a map that is based loosely on Europe, so I'm needing a very specific shoreline. I've already got a black & white shore outline of the same resolution and size as the tutorial images - is there a way I can manipulate the height map in such a way that it would mimic the contours of Europe even just a little bit?


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