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Thread: [Award Winner] Tutorial on how to create seamless textures out of anything

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    As epr the request in the other thread I have updated the script attached in post#27 to have an option to tile only horizontally and vertically.

    It also now exposes the "copy the center and paste it" option available as a parameter so it can be turned off.

    If tiling only horizontally or vertically, it would be best to set the flatten parameter quite low to prevent colour bleeding.

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    Never heard of it til now...looks like it does a great job.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RobA View Post
    Old thread bump..

    Has anyone used ImageSynth2

    Looks very good.

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    I wish I could grasp batch file scripting well enough to make Redrobes' script to operate on all image files in a folder rather than a single file. Doing hundreds of files one at a time is pretty tiresome

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    Well theres two options.

    One is to get a list of all the files that need making seamless and then call the script on them. That can be done fairly easily with the command prompt by using "dir /b > files.txt" which gives a bare word listing of the files in files.txt then you can edit up the script by putting the call in front of each. Sounds bad and... well ok its not good. I would use a macro and that would sort that out so no so bad for me. You can also use a 'grep' type thing on DOS command line syntax to make it run over all the files in a directory too. Which would be easy if only I could remember the voodoo for doing that but its a foreach statement thing. Maybe someone could comment on that too.

    But secondly RobA took my script and made an equivalent Gimp script fu python thingy out of it and I am pretty sure that those scripts can be called to operate on directories at once. So you need to set up Gimp with python enabled. I don't know if thats python first then Gimp or vice-versa but once you have scriptable Gimp then I think you can add Robs one to the list and it will save you. Hoping that Rob might comment here.

    But I am sure we can deliver a solution.

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    Does anyone know if this still works in 2.8.6, I'm getting back into things and can't find the script after reloading it.
    Nevermind, restarting gimp a second time made it show up.
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