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Thread: [Award Winner] Technique for adding coastal detail as you zoom in.

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    using imagemagick I made this:

    I used GIMP to make it greyscale and then upped the constrast to 20

    then i burnt it onto this map:

    and it produced this:

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    I still cannot get this to work in PS (CS3).... delgondahntelius' method doesn't seem to give the desired results. I've tried numerous variations of the methods described here and still I don't get a good looking coastline.

    Anyone that knows how to do this in PS and can give a very step-by-step description of exactly how they do it? I'd really appreciate it.

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    The links don't work for me Can you upload the images here? (Many users will not click on external links for safety's sake)

    -Rob A>

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