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Thread: Ink and Watercolor on Parchment, Digital Techniques

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    Quote Originally Posted by vorropohaiah View Post
    great watercolour effects. ive had artrage for ages though just mess about mixing paints on the canvas, though if you can get results like this it surely has its uses.

    what formats does it save in ? ... right at the bottom of that page they give file format info. If anyone is really interested I'd suggest walking about the site to see what's what. But basically, after its own file format (PTG), which saves everything including paint thickness, it can import/export to PSD which keeps all the layer info and blending modes, and PNG, JPG, TIFF, BMP, and others "depending on your operating system."

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    cool, thanks. so you can easily come up with watercolour, oil or whatever effect on artrage and then export to PS to finish off there

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