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I don't think it matters what program you use ... the sketching stage for hand drawing a map or inking part .. will always take a kinda of ... getting used to ... especially if (like probably most everyone who began mapping) you are used to grabbing the nearest piece of sketch paper or pad and drawing it out by hand.

The best advice I have for you and what helped me out? (tablet a must really, handdrawn maps with a mouse is just asking for frustration) ...
Thanks Del. I just don't have the talent to do stuff like this freehanded (or much for that matter!), so will be doing it all in GIMP anyway.

Tablet: check.... got one a few weeks ago specifically for rivers. After playing with ISO mountains and smudges, it is a vital when trying to erase or smudge and be precise. I just can't do that with the mouse without tons of undos.