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Thread: Mini world building mentoring

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    Takoyakikonran - sure you can join in, just remember I’m only working on Socks’ map atm, as I said logistics are difficult, just post up your progress. I’m sure everyone will like to see what you have and how you plan to finish er up.

    JediKnight83 – give it a shot, you’ve got nothing to loose

    Socks what you can do with this is resize anything you need on a copier, reposition and use the window to retrace everything once you have it completed. Play around with it a bit until you get something you’re pleased with. Socks lets ignore the tectonic plates atm, until you get the continent layout you like. Then we’ll readdress this. My intent with the tectonic plates was to help you work out mountain ranges if you had any problem with location of them.

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    I realize that this is a little late. I disappeared but I got swamped with school work and enlisting and stuff and sort of forgot all about this. But I really hope to get back into it if you're still willing to work with me.

    Mini world building mentoring-world.png

    I'm thinking that this seems pretty close to the continent size and orientation stuff that I want.
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