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Thread: WorldMachine?

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    Question WorldMachine?

    If you've never heard of it yet, WorldMachine is a tool for the creation of 3D terrain with realistic geological effects utilizing block schemes and quite a number of math functions.

    I've been working a lot with it lately, and I find this piece of software fascinatingly versatile and flexible. I am yet to try and use it for 2D-mapping, which just has to be possible, since it's allows to export both heightmaps and splatmaps.

    And here comes the question: would anyone be interested in a basic tutorial, explaining the options and benefits of using this tool?

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    Never even heard of it, but certainly sounds intriguing...

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    post up a like to the program you're talking about so folks here can get an idea of what it is.

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    Check it out here.

    Pretty nice, but not cheap. If I had the money, I'd probably have this, Leveller, L3DT, FractalTerrains and GeoControl on my computer. As it is, I rely on Wilbur, QGIS, GRASS, Photoshop, Image Magick, GDAL and Inkscape. Photoshop is expensive(as hell), but I already had a cheap copy from my school daze.

    For the most part, the GIS tools aren't well designed for generation of imaginary geography, but with a little skill, a bit of imagination and a huge willingness to bend the analysis tools in ways they were never intended you can do wonders.

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    I just saw someone post something beautiful over on deviantArt that wasn't made exclusively with World Machine but it piqued my interest. It's out of my price range right at the moment, but I'd love to see a general tutorial for it to help decide if it would be worth adding to my workflow. But have you checked if there isn't already one floating around somewhere that focuses on what you were thinking of putting in the tutorial?

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