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Thread: [Award Winner] Explanation of Layer Masks in GIMP(and PS)

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    Post Pdf version

    Well, i was following this tutorial and it was kinda difficult to read, since i have to scroll up and down and change pages, so i suddenly came with the idea of making it a PDF file, so i copied it to word and printed it on PDF, but, it was not enough, so i could not resist the temptation of actually MAKE a PDF version of it, after all, i have used so much your great advices, that im glad that i can do something useful.

    As you can see i didn't do something that complicated, i tried to do a simple and readable document for easy use.

    1. I used the cartographers Guild Logo, if that's wrong, i can remove it easily.

    2. I don't edited the content, but if the author don't like what i did, i can delete the file.

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails [Award Winner] Explanation of Layer Masks in GIMP(and PS)-jfrazierjr-gimp-layers-tut.pdf  

    My work is under CC licences, you can see wich one apply in the work itself, if there is no CC logo, you can assume is an: Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported licence

    Need more rights, just mail me and we can chat about it.

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    This is a really helpful tutorial.
    I got two of my top-priority list unanswered questions answered,masks and gradients.
    Repped and rated 5 stars.

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    Well, after this tutorial, I'm trading in my eye patch and parrot for a mask!

    Thanks for the tutorial. I've been playing with layer masks the better part of the last 2 days, and I see a long and happy future with them. Rated the thread +5!

    Back to the GIMP for me now.

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    Well, I recently realized that I never mentioned how much this tutorial has helped me out and I wanted to step in and remedy that.

    Thank you so much for taking the time to write it. I wasn't understanding how to use a layer mask on my own but once I buckled down and went through this process I have to admit I use in every project. I can't tell you how many times I found myself wishing I hadn't erased something and having to recreate it (or carry around a bunch of duplicate layers "just in case" I needed them). Now, it's such an easy thing to modify the mask instead.

    If you happen to not quite get the concept of layer masks I encourage you to follow this tutorial and ask the questions until you do. You won't be sorry.
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    Thanks Jax. Heh.. my first year or so after I wrote this tutorial, I probably suggested learning layer masks to hundreds of people with questions similar to this one. I was saying all the time...heh..
    My Finished Maps
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    My Tutorials:
    Explanation of Layer Masks in GIMP
    How to create ISO Mountains in GIMP/PS using the Smudge tool
    Unless otherwise stated by me in the post, all work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 United States License.

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    You've got me there. I had a slight idea how they work because I used layer masks as a beginner in tutorials but without realizing what exactly can be done with them. So even over 3 years after you made this tutorial I is still very helpful for beginners like myself!

    Thanks a lot for that!!

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    Thank you so much! I'd seen layers in other tutorials, but have never been able to get them to work. Thanks to this tutorial, I worked out what I was doing wrong.

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    Such a huge help with my learning to use gimp to make maps! Thanks for this!

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    jfrazierjr Thanks for this, I'm struggling with this some myself. With no real knowldege of PS (not using GIMP atm) I just follow along with the tutorials and hope for the best, as there is information overload for the beginner. I try to go back and review what I've done but its easy to get lost in the tree Old Thread but thanks V

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    Thanks so much for the tutorial!

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