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Thread: [Award Winner] Photoshop Mapping with Chuck

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    For some reason when I download Wilbur it installs as 1.70, not sure if that is the correct version according to your post.

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    Yes, it would help if I name the zip properly before uploading it, wouldn't it? Should be fixed now.

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    Info good idea

    Good idea on the use of procedural texture maps to speed the coloring process. I would like to point out however, that one may use Terragen, Bryce, 3D Studio, Maya, etc... ad nauseum, to accomplish the same goal with some measure of control using grayscale height maps painted in Photoshop if they were so inclined. I've toyed with making orthographic map projections of 3D terrains, but nothing comes close to a truly hand painted map. This would sure speed things up though and could yield some very cool results.

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    Thanks very much for this helpful tutorial. Here's my first attempt.

    I didn't quite follow the river technique. Are the cloud stroked white lines meant to be chopped into tiny pieces to trace the rivers? I tried to do the rivers with the Wilbur output and some levels, threshold and slight blur.

    Instead of painting the terrain this time, I put a gradient color map over all the grayscale maps and blended it over the land areas.

    [Award Winner] Photoshop Mapping with Chuck-mapchuck1.jpg
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    Hi There - a bit new, so I apologize if this a dumb question.

    For some reason, when attempting to load the mountain style into CS5, it just doesn't appear to work. As in - it just does nothing. And further, I'm a little confused about what exactly is supposed to happen after you import the file from wilbur. It is almost as if all that wilbur did (which looked really cool) was create rivers and a sort of guessing game of where you should put mountains to have them look realistic. Condensed:

    1. Is the mountain layer CS5 compatible?
    2. What is wilbur actually doing? Because it doesn't seem like a heightmap, even though that's what it says it is.
    3. Is there another tutorial like this I could look at?



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    Thanks chuck fot the tutorial and Vandy forregrouping his tutorial in a pdf file! Thnaks!

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    Really awesome and easy tutorial to follow!
    I was very satisfied with my first attempt at this

    [Award Winner] Photoshop Mapping with Chuck-ov52.jpg

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