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Thread: Does this tut exist yet?

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    Quote Originally Posted by PeaceHeather View Post
    Should I throw the text up here anyway, or wait till I'm actually, y'know, done?
    You are talking to a bunch of mappers here. Things are never done. At least to our own satisfaction. "I just need to tweek this just a bit more" or "I just thought of something else I could add"

    Post what you got and add to it when you have time. Just make sure you mention that the tut is not complete 'cause there are a couple of Scribes looking for tuts to make PDFs out of and might be ticked if they have to redo the Tut PDFs over again
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    I'd wait until the pics are added in. I can certainly follow along with just text but it's nice to see the verification of what I'm doing as I follow along instead of just guessing. Either way, it's your with it as you will
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    Well, it's up, under its own thread, and I hope it's at least easy to follow. (note the correct usage of apostrophes there)

    So far it hsn't seen a lot of traffic, and I know that's in part because few people here use PDN, but still. The techniques should translate pretty well, and I'd like at least a little feedback.


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