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Thread: [Award Winner] Hand drawn mtns. and other stylistic map elements for use in PS/GIMP

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    Ironmetal, thanks for showing how this can be accomplished. It's a style that I really like. Perhaps I missed the explanation but once you have the images scanned in do you set the white to transparent and simply copy/paste the features into your map or do you convert them to brushes/tubes and use them in a more painterly manner?

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    Default This tutorial has been PDFed!

    Hi, All.

    I wanted to let everyone know that I have taken ironmetal250's wonderful "Hand drawn mtns. and other stylistic map elements for use in PS/GIMP" and created a PDF tutorial out of it.

    It is available in the Photoshop Tutorials section of the Tutorials in PDF Format thread located in the "Tutorials/How To" forum.



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    Hi! I can see that this thread haven't been used in a while, but reading it helped me out a bit in my own work - but I seem to have a problem!
    When making brushes the larger mountains and objects are ok and look pretty good, but the smaller I make them (in scale with the other objects) the more Photoshop creates flow jitter. I can't seem to turn that off?

    Here are some of my mountains, these are the larger ones; as you can see there's some "grass" below the third upper mountain and making a brush with that creates this jitter effect. I didn't want to create too large brushes and made them something like 200 x 200 pixels for the largest one and then scaled them down from that one largest object.

    I would like to know how you make your (all of you) brushes and what size you make them. What size is reasonable for a usual run-of-the-mill map?

    Kind regards

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    Awesome stuff, thanks for sharing your techniques.

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