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Thread: Making Mountains in GIMP

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    Don't use image->mode->grayscale

    Use colours->desaturate

    Then use colours->auto->stretch contrast (you might have to apply a small 1-2 px blur at that point if the histogram has too many gaps and looks like a comb) otherwise you will see banding when you bump map.

    And re:grunge brush... I can't remember how it fit into this conversation Sorry

    -Rob A>

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    ok thanks

    lol and i just asked about the grunge brush cause i saw someone mention it...

    Are you using layers? Usually when you are working on a specific layer, it doesn't change the whole image. And if you still have the mountain range selected, it should just apply any changes to the selection anyways. Weird.
    yea im using layers, and i had it selected, but apparently i was doing the wrong thing
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    And now you see why RobA is the resident guru. I never considered you were changing the image to Greyscale.

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    Sorry for the necro, but I just wanted to add that this worked great. To get slightly more aesthetically pleasing results, I skipped the blur step and ran the smudge tool back and forth along each side of the ridge, and then along the ridge itself before doing the bump map.

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