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Thread: A new mini-tut on sat-style mountains

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    Oh yeah actions work fine for this...I've made one for each version of my style as it evolves but I've never posted them. When turning the continent tut or atlas tut into an action you will have to put in some stops for some handwork to be done. And thank you very much for the nice compliment I've been developing this style for about 5 years now, starting at Christmas '04, and it's not perfect for generating terrain but it's good enough for me. My goal is to get it to generate something more closely resembling USGS dems without actually having to use dems. I figure that I'm about halfway there, getting realistic hills is the part I'm working on.
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    I never actually used the dems. I did a short tutorial for another community of artists/writers a few weeks back.

    The gist of the tutorial was using the color map at the Seamless Survey website to create the photorealistic maps using a clone stamp tool (mainly), and improving upon it with color correction, etc.

    Sample image at If you gander at it, ignore the names on the map . Just wanted to throw something together for the tutorial.

    The results have been satisfactory enough for some of my own personal fantasy stories, But I've been really wanting to improve upon it and come up with things similar to your techniques. Just never had the patience to experiment enough with it. Been using Photoshop for around 10 years now, and consider myself an expert, but the program is a LOT more complex than even an expert can fully comprehend. There's a lot of power here with just a few simple steps, and things that I knew about but didn't consider until your tutorials really floored me.

    Very well done

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    I really like this mountain technique Ascension.. and while they might not look exactly exactly like earth mts. i think they give a believable feel for ranges of perhaps a younger more rugged terrain? Nice!

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