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Thread: Town Of Dorun VT Version

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    And to show off the excellent quick turn around for the modifications to this map.

    Thank you again sir!

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    No problem.

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    Nothing is ever wasted. Everything teaches us something and at the very least one more really cool map is out there for someone to use. Great Job
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    Agreed. With so much talent on these boards it's very easy to look at your own creations and think "This is nowhere near as good as those other guys can make" and get deflated by it, especially the amount of time and effort that goes into even the simplest of maps. However, as JT says, every map you make teaches you something new, makes you a little quicker and that one step closer to being one of the people who others say "This is nowhere near as good as he can make" about.

    If you dont feel the love for a map you are making, and you don't NEED to make it, then scrap it and start again on a different one is my advice. Sometimes sticking it out can be a good thing, but more often than not I find it just gets frustrating. Remember though, if you keep scrapping a project when you get to, for example, the colouring of the map then you are never going to get better if you keep avoiding it.

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