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Thread: My first serious, non-tutorial map

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    So I really like the shadows you've put on your stairs... did you draw those by hand or use some genius technique to create them? And thank you for sharing this, it's a great battlemap!


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    I drew them myself. This is how I did it

    1. I made the shadows on the upper and lower floors
    2. I made a grid the width of each step, with a height of (pixels between upper and lower shadows) / (number of steps)
    3. I used the path tool with polygonal and snap to grid enabled to save a path of what I wanted removed/added
    4. I used the path flipped or rotated to cut or add shadows to the steps

    Here is a screen grab of the steps with the grid on and the path selected:

    My first serious, non-tutorial map-stairs.png

    This one I used to cut the lower shadow off the stairs, I then flipped it, offset it slightly and filled it with the black of the shadows.

    I did the same thing on the vertical stairs, but I also added a 2nd path for the individual steps

    My first serious, non-tutorial map-smallstep.png

    I am also part way through writing a script that adds the shadows using motion blur instead of using "drop shadows" its not quite ready yet though as I cant get it to blur correctly.

    Standard drop shadow is on the left, my script creates the shadow on the right(with options for distance, opacity, blur etc).

    My first serious, non-tutorial map-shadow-compare.png
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    I don't see anything you should change, but I'm relatively new to this; MCC might catch something that I didn't think of.

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