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Thread: Modern Era battlemaps

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    Default Modern Era battlemaps

    Long time lurker, first time poster.

    Bochegryme Abbey
    This "battlemap" is part of a collections of maps that are designed for a D20 Call of Cthulhu game I'm running using Maptools. The players are past Bochegryme Abbey, so I thought I'd share it for some critique.

    Title Album

    Ground Floor
    Modern Era battlemaps-hbh5blq.png

    1st Floor
    Modern Era battlemaps-qkotloq.png

    Basement: hidden tunnels
    Modern Era battlemaps-mvem1pv.jpg

    Set in 1923 in the European section, but can really be anywhere
    Album tiles

    Modern Era battlemaps-yhzl80m.png

    22 Faubourg de Charleroi

    Album Tiles

    Modern Era battlemaps-dysdnif.png

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    Nice work, modern era maps are alway time consuming due to all the clutter and various materials. My only criticism is some of the background textures are a bit overly repetitive which draws the eye a bit from your excellent details.

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