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Thread: looking for advice and opinions on my first maptools maps

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    Quote Originally Posted by Redrobes View Post
    I can see a challenge here - take someone else's map and make customizations to it - judged on how much better it gets so picking a great map to start with doesn't allow for much improvement...
    I second this! It's a great idea for a future challenge!

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    I meant, make one post for each map. The gallery scraper just picks up the last image posted.

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    I think that the finished maps section should be for maps you make yourself and also it would be useful if people can tag their maps with usage criteria so that if people who make them don't mind being shared then its not such a biggie having mods made to them and re-posting. The problem is that we have a large portfolio of maps with no idea how anyone can use them. If its CC especially with the SA attrib then its a given that the new map must be CC SA also. If people look up these modded ones and there is no usage statement then it could be contrived that these were made by the modder and reposted off site without the CC or proper attribution etc. Both sides of the fence aren't giving the image licensing and markup enough weight. If a big company takes the image and uses it then you have the right to feel indignant about it - they should know better but people, esp RPGers, are not lawyers and will use it.

    Maybe Rob could do a Gimp script and ill do an IM script to add a few pixels banner at the bottom and put in some extra text there.

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    I moved your post into the WIP/VTT forum. please read the sticky on pasting in the finished map forum.


    -Rob A>

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