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Thread: Using google sketchup as a battlemap

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    Heh. Limited resources of Hasbro/WotC...go download the Hasbro financials and take a look for yourself. I wish my resources were similiarly limited!

    Cool maps!

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    It's not a limit of resources in the sense of having not enough money. I think it's a limit of resources as in they aren't investing in a proper software development team for the D&D product line and not organizing the budgeting properly. Also I'm thinking they are located in the same building maybe even right near the R&D team for the game or something like that. If they had their independent budget and creative license to create the product independent from the D&D development guys you would see a much different result.

    Does anyone remember the MTG PC game? Another flop of WotC in the software they develop.
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    This is some really fantastic stuff. I stopped trying to model dungeons in Sketch-up a while back due to the time vs. quality (for me that is) and just scan in hand drawings, but these 3D dungeons are absolutely boss! I might need to find the time to try again...

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    Hard to believe it's been so long since this thread was active. I remember it like yesterday. I haven't been very active in the Cartography department, but I did put another Sketchup map together.. this time, it's just the top of a tower. I made some VTT maps in GIMP for it to use with Roll20 or MapTools,, but I thought I'd cross-post in this thread in case there are still watchers, because I uploaded the sketchup file too.

    The Bright Tower - Mirror Sanctum

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