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My first finished map...and only one so far :( and yeah I know no labels or other perdifying things like that

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02-28-2012, 11:12 PM
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  1. gwiley
    Hello - sorry but I cannot find perdify in my dictionary. What does it mean?

    I like your map - with or without - of course, picking nits, the bridges north do not seem to lead anywhere. Also, the shadow / light effect seems uneven. Especially, I like the distribution of dwellings - people would tend to live more apart. The uncertain marks of cultivated land makes me think it is secondary to strategy. Finally, the tan-brown objects in the town / village are not clear to me.

  2. Korash
    LOL..."perdify" = to make more perdy (a "hillbilly" bastardization of pretty)

    Yeah, I had other comments on the shadowing... If you are refering to the river, it is because the Hill is a rocky outcropping in a flood plain...The river has carved a deep ravine around it and the surrounding land only comes down to the water in a few spots. This map was done quite a while ago and I couldn't figure out how to make the sharp drop offs that would give a better indication of that ravine. The shadows on the south side of the river aretrying to indicate where the land is lower on that side...
  3. gwiley
    Of course. And I'm from Texas originally. I should have figured out perdify. And I agree.


    I understand the shadows better - I appreciate the explanation. btw: my partner is the opposite of me regarding fantasy, cartography, and gaming. So, if she understands what my drawing is trying to say, then I feel like the drawing is done. Meaning, I guess, if the viewer does not "get it" right off, then ..." All that aside, I like your map - it draws me in.

  4. Rukia_K
    Very Beautiful,
  5. Raven Moon
    Love this map. I am looking to make something like this with topo lines on it as well as a few other features.
  6. monks
    Nice! Especially like the rivers and veg distribution. Very perdify..ha!

  7. foremost
    Village is wonderful - I only see the shadow problem since I just read about it.
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