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A sort of semi-Egyptian/Arabic/central Asian mashup, with very mean pseudo-elves in the north. :D

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11-20-2010, 03:11 PM
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  1. Eilathen
    Sounds interesting. Tell us more. Especially about the pseudo-elves
  2. Diamond
    I kind of envisaged it as a setting for a re-telling of Robin Hood, but with a female half-Misvar version - Jain Longstride.

    I call 'em pseudo-elves because, although they sort of superficially resemble 'classic' fantasy elves, they're actually more of a kind of elemental. Thus the Four Houses of the Misvar realms, each one tied to one of the four elements, each one having a specific subset of powers and different appearances.
  3. Valtharius
    Phenomenal map!!! What fonts did you use for this work? And, do you have a tutorial for this style of map? Again, a 10/10!

  4. Diamond
    Fonts are AriaPenciRoman for the country names, and Writingstuff for everything else; both of 'em are on

    I don't really have a tutorial for this; in fact I wish I'd taken more care to note what steps I used to make it, so I could replicate the style.
  5. Apopas
    Great map! Kudoz!
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