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  1. aquarits
    Finished Map thread:

    For over 200 years the province of Matareia was a colony of the largest empire of Egos, The High Empire of Hirkania. During this period the families of Fagacea, Corinta, Matea and Vast tried in vain, a free trade agreement to end the abuse of the land of Matareia.
    Was in 376ab, that Marcus Fagacea in secret with other families joined in a plan that would give them freedom. Later a blow coffers Hyrkanians would start to plan for the independence of the four families. Marcus Fagacea I, as it became known, began the construction of routes throughout the colony, linking all cities with intelligently for the future military supply in the war of independence. The struggle for independence started in 411ab.
    With the death of Marcus I, his son, Mayanter , took over the reins of the conflict. But only 30 years later, in the hands of Fauler, cried Marcus Fagacea III, returning from the mountains of the White Dragons, and mounted to the winged epilogue of the war.The numerical and military superiority of Hirkania were not able to overcome the supply routes created by Marcus I and II. For over 9 years Hirkanians troops were faced with strong and supplied soldiers of Matareia. In 440ab Mayanter Fauler of Fagacea was declared emperor, Marcus III recognized as the new nation of Fagacea. In the years following the release of the remaining families was inevitable. In 442ab, Fagacea already had free the land of Matareia and the First District. The family drove Corinta other settlers in the Bay of Corinta 443ab. In possession of the lands west of the old Matareia, Fagacea advance east to ending the achievements of Fishermen's District and the Mines until 445ab. Fueled by Hassun and Larcenia until 447ab, Fagacea got strong and was to emancipate in 450ab with the interference of the Lesser Kingdowns, with the Southern Trait, in agreement with the statement giving total freedon to Fagacea and ending the war.
  2. Theatrum Orbis Terrarum
    Are the roads supposed to look like interstates? I'm guessing the technological lovel is rather high -- the implication from the graphic is that they have cars, busses, etc....
  3. aquarits
    In Fagacea they have a lots of roads, i just tried map all. And the idea came after i use a road guide in a trip, since i have i kingdown using roads as military tatic i tried use and make some adaptations just to pratice and improve skills in diferent styles. They have something like cars, some steam machines and some mixed with horse cars.

    Tnx for the feed back
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