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Wilderland from The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien

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09-06-2013, 01:20 PM
Maps of Middle Earth
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  1. Chashio
    Oh yes! Very excellent pen-work there, Tyjah. It's very nicely clean, too. What brand/size pens and what type of paper were you using for these maps? May need to get me some of em.
  2. Tyjah
    Thanks Chashio, the pen I am using right now is a Paper Mate: Flair M, it was so long ago that I made most of these maps that I can't remember what pens I used. I just used the best I could find for them around the house and lots of them dried up which is why I got myself a pack of Paper Mate's. I might get a smaller size pen just to see the difference, but I like what am using now pretty well. My mom got the paper on sale from Bargain Bills years ago, it is a heavy duty card-stock paper, like what is used for invitation cards (I hope that was helpful).
  3. Tyjah
    I need a bigger scanner so that I can get my whole map into frame.
  4. Lol Rob
    I love seeing Tolkien's works under any circumstances but I like the way the paper is wrinkled. It makes it look as if it was actually an old map!
  5. Tyjah
    I too love Tolkien's works and really love the maps. I have recreated nearly 5 now. Thanks for the comment.
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