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Gillomd - Commission for a book project.

"This fantasy land was just an abstract idea before I contacted Maxime. Then, after only a month, Gillomd became real by his hands. Thank you, Mr Plasse." R.Cordeiro

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12-12-2013, 01:05 PM
Max's maps (Commisssions Album1 - with clients references)
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  1. mkerr
    How much you it cost to commission a custom map?
  2. Tyjah
    I like it, good work.
  3. - Max -
    @Mkerr, I pmed you about this.
    Thanks Tyjah, glad you like it
  4. Domino44
    Hi, I'm new to the Guild, but I wanted to tell you that your work was one of the reasons I joined and that all your maps are awesome! keep up the great work.
  5. - Max -
    Thanks Domino and welcome to the guild, glad you like my works
  6. outlawwolff
    Yeah Max, like Domino44 I joined this largely in part because of your work. You do fantastic maps.
  7. - Max -
    Thanks much and welcome!
  8. Tomas L.
    Another home run. Astonishing work, Max. Like I have seen some commissioners say, you breathe life into these worlds.
  9. - Max -
    Hehe, hopefully yes Thanks !
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